I just thought you should know…

I just thought you should know…

Our “I just thought you should know” cards are back! With FALL flair 🙂

Click here to download /// Print /// Put in people’s mailboxes, stick in someone’s purse, or leave behind for someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty. One thing we should NEVER do is suppress a kind or generous thought. What are you waiting for?!

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In light of a conversation we had about all the choices we have daily, we CHOSE to whip up a little freebie to encourage kindness in every day situations. We want to make sure you don’t miss out on downloading, printing, and doing good needs anywhere and everywhere. So click on the image below and be intentional about doing things in and out of your comfort zone where humanity is concerned. You might be surprised by how much doing for others will do for YOU. Download your FREEBIE here!

While you’re performing your acts of kindness, don’t forget to document and share to inspire others! Tag @everydaykind and use hashtag #everydaykind

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Gear up for RAK day with us!

We are like little kids leading up to the week of Christmas over here! This Saturday, February 17, is RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS day! We are ready to suit up and get our kind on all week long in preparation. This holiday is decorated, dedicated day that celebrates random acts of kindness, but we believe that it’s the little deliberate acts of kindness that makes the world a better place. It can be as simple as smiling at a stranger, but there is no denying that doing something a little extra for someone else can do wonders for the soul. So join us in performing acts of kindness all week long! You’ll feel good. You’ll make others feel good. And feeling good feels…. well it feels GOOD! Here are some ideas and tips for acts of kindness you can do. Don’t forget to download and print our Every Day Kind cards to have on hand for kind occasions. Please feel free to tag us in any posts that might contain happy RAK content with #everydaykind – you never know when we might peruse the hashtag and pick out some RANDOM shop credit winners!


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  • Color a picture for someone
  • Help with a chore
  • Tell your mom or dad you love them
  • Send a letter to your grandparents
  • Smile at everyone you see
  • Have a lemonade stand to benefit a charity
  • Go through your books and choose a few to donate
  • Offer to babysit for a family you love
  • Volunteer to be a tutor at school
  • Show a new kid around school
  • Sit with someone you’ve never sat with before in the cafeteria
  • Stand up for someone being bullied
  • Write a nice note to your parents
  • Tell a teacher/coach how they’ve impacted your life
  • Thank the janitor at your school
  • Be a support for a friend
  • Offer advice to someone younger than you
  • Read a book to a child
  • Text 5 friends and thank them for being a friend
  • Bite your tongue when you have something mean to say
  • Resist the urge to talk behind someone’s back
  • Be inclusive

  • Hold the door for someone
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line
  • Bake cookies for a neighbor
  • Donate clothes from your closet
  • Donate food to a pantry
  • Make breakfast in bed for someone you love
  • Cook a meal for your neighbor
  • Write “you are beautiful” on a post it note and put it on a bathroom mirror
  • Bring up someone’s garbage cans
  • Shovel someone’s driveway
  • Write a note to someone you admire but have never told them

  • Send them inspiring notes in their lunch box
  • Talk to them about kindness
  • Don’t just talk to them about kindness, be kind
  • Resist talking poorly about someone (in general) but especially in front of your kids
  • Send a surprise snack for them to school

  • Pick up litter you see on the street
  • Plant a tree
  • Unplug unused appliances
  • Turn off lights
  • Recycle paper
  • Use a reusable grocery bag
  • Carpool with a friend

  • Donate time to an animal shelter
  • Adopt a pet
  • Spend a few minutes playing with an animal
  • Donate food or blankets to a shelter
  • Leave a favorite book, magazine or newspaper article behind at your coffee shop
  • Put coins in a parking meter
  • Hide money for a stranger to find
  • Compliment someone
  • Smile at everyone you see
  • Give a parking spot to someone else
  • Leave a flower on a car
  • Pay for the person behind you in line
  • Be present
  • Run or walk for a cause
  • Visit a nursing home
  • Lend an ear to someone in need
  • Share your umbrella
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • Teach a child about kindness
  • Write a note to thank a soldier
  • Visit a children’s hospital and read stories

Is Kindness an Olympic Sport?

Is Kindness an Olympic Sport?

We’re pretty sure the answer is no… but we know it should be rewarded! The Olympics are fun for the whole family, and good sportsmanship, hard work & dedication are lessons that can be discussed the next few weeks. We thought it would be fun to offer you a printable that you and your kids can color and give to one another for Gold Medal attitudes/behavior! Encourage kindness and it might be your kid in the Olympics someday! With kindness… absolutely anything is possible. ❤️

Click here to download and reward your kids for good deeds that they do, kind things they say, the ways that they help or inspire.


Have fun, and don’t forget to tag us on social media or email us pics!


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Valentines With Heart

Valentines With Heart

Every single day there are countless ways to spread love and kindness. Valentines day is obviously no exception. It is the one day a year that is centered around LOVE!  We wanted to design these two special cards that are free with any MST purchase now through Valentine’s Day, or available for purchase and download (here). As moms, we love the “no candy” option since we may or may not still be hiding candy from Christmas and (shhhhhh…) Halloween!

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 1.13.23 PMFor our little VDAY cards, we suggest buying cheap sunglasses, punching a hole and tying the “EYE love love” card to each pair of some fun colorful shades. You can look on Amazon for “cheap sunglasses” or check the dollar section at Target, head to Walmart, a party supply store, you name it! We linked the pic below for you to get started!

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 1.41.30 PM.png

For the “I’m sticking with love,” cards simply buy a box of cute lovey doves bandaids and a cute roll of washi tape (in the Dollar section at Target!), and attach it to the back! Your kiddos could even pick a special box that is their jam and give their cards some personal flair! Or check out these bandaids available at Target and on Amazon below 😉

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 1.34.23 PM

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 1.37.46 PM

Don’t forget to tag us on social media #mamasaidtees and #everydaykind 💕 We want to see your littles in LOVE action!

xoxo ❤️ C+C

Halloween Costume for Magical Unicorns (Moms)

Halloween Costume for Magical Unicorns (Moms)

For those of you who are busy and forgot Halloween was in October and don’t have a costume for tomorrow, we thought we’d throw you a bone. Or a freebie, rather. If you are a mom who is a multi-tasking, kid juggling superhuman who engages in multiple activities simultaneously without spilling your coffee. Or maybe you do spill your coffee. But you have those shout wipes in your glove box and a tool box and a first aid kit and gum in your purse at all times, you are a badass MOTHERTASKER and this makeshift costume is for you. Click here to download this print that you can pin to yourself and let just being a mom on Halloween do the explaining. 
Also! Throwing out some other ideas that Mothertaskers are good at doing last minute! Like absolutely everything.

1) Halloween craft: Buy some mini pumpkins from the grocery store, get out your kid’s paint set & go to town! Have them help you paint and decorate! Activity to keep them busy while waiting for trick or treat that will turn into an adorable decoration for your doorstep!

2) Halloween Snack: Go get some Ho Ho’s and Milano cookies! Open the packages, eat one to make sure they’re good (trust me, quality taste testing is important), and decorate! Buy some decorating gel and make funny faces or gravestones to put on top of cupcakes (that you can easily buy at the store)! Find the chocolate crumble sprinkles and VIOLA! You should be on “America’s Next Great Baker”!
3) Halloween Costume: We are all about “practical costumes”. This is what I say instead of admitting that I didn’t spend the time or money to go pick out something from the store! 😉 Here are a couple of our costumes from the past!
a. Al Borland! Throw on a flannel, some face paint, and a hat and look over a fence! Nailed it!
b. Skeleton! (A kind skeleton at that)! We headed to H&M kids and found a skeleton sweatshirt & hat this year! BOOM! Now feed that cutie some candy!
And if all else fails, you can just go as yourself. Frazzled hair – check! Dark circles – check! Sweatpants – check! 😉 Remember. Moms have more fun no matter what, no matter when. Because we live on LOVE! And coffee. And wine. And candy.