Tell Me Something Good

Do you know or have you ever known somebody who always seems to take a wrong turn to negative town? It’s interesting how easy it is to be negative. Negativity requires a lot less energy, time and thought, because a lot of what life throws at us is bad, hard stuff. Even more interesting is how quickly the vibe of negative town can spread, burden our load, and rub off on others. Before we know it, everybody’s hanging out in negative town together and we can’t think of many things more depressing. (FYI. Wedding Crashers is 100% on in the background of this draft.)

We decided fairly recently that we would begin every single day with something GOOD. The first text that we as business partners and friends send the other is something we are grateful for or… something good. It would be way easier to begin with all the crap that life threw at us before we got to the point of texting each other. But how is that going to set us up for success when we thrive on enthusiasm? We are on a mission to change the world day by day, with kindness and positivity. In other words, we have decided that we are going to take a right turn to positive town, every single day. Wouldn’t it be cool if instead of “Do you want the good news or the bad news first?”, someone said to you, “I am gonna tell you something good.” When that foundation is laid, hearing the bad is easier to take with a grain of salt. 

Set yourself up every single day for a kind, happy, positive life. Tell us something good!

Tell me something good adult tank top summer fun good news
Spread good news with us this summer! Tell us something’ good!

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