Compliment Someone

A compliment is one of the simplest and easiest thing to give, and one of the most heart lifting, confidence boosting things to receive. A few kind words can go a very long way. They could even make a difference in someone’s day. Or quite possibly… someone’s life.

We created a printable so that you can download it, print it, cut it, personalize the cards, hand them out, and make a difference in the lives of people who make a difference to yours. You could give one to your best friend, and tell them that beyond being your best friend, they are witty and hilarious. You could give one to your reliable neighbor, who might not realize how much it means to you that you can count on them. You could give one to the person who does behind the scenes work at your child’s school, and tell them that they are irreplaceable. Or heck. You could give one to your teenage son or daughter. You could magnify a strength of theirs rather than a weakness. Let them know that despite all the things you come down on them for, you SEE the good in them. And you love them.

The ways you can show a little kindness are uncountable. These cards are simply one of them. But one little compliment is like verbal sunshine, and why should we be stingy with telling people in our life, friends OR practical strangers, that we are happy they are in our lives?! If you see something GOOD in someone… tell them! Start today 🙂 HAPPY WORLD COMPLIMENT DAY!!!

Compliment others, but don’t forget to compliment yourself! Take some time to check out the shop and see what designs inspire you!

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