We may not all be able to do the same things, but we are all able to do the most important thing — LOVE. Each and every one of us, different as we may be, are love-ABLE.

To us, being love-able means:

  • Everybody should practice first and foremost loving themselves.
  • Everybody is armed with the freedom and ability to love one another.
  • Everybody can and should accept love when it is given.

Being love-able is like being a Super Hero. Love serves as a big shield that protects us from ever believing that we deserve less, that we are alone, or that there is no real meaning in what we do and why. Love always wins even in the darkest of times. It is in our most basic nature to care for things, be them ourselves, a pet, a plant or other human beings. When we are kind, we are showing love. When we are empathic, we are showing love. When we are accepting, we are showing love. It is the one ability that brings us all together. And when love unites us, it’s just about the coolest, most beautiful thing in the world! Look for it, show it, receive it! BE love-ABLE!

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