Love Yourself…and your look! How to create 4 different looks with your favorite t-shirt!

It’s time to put a new spin on how to wear your Mama Said Tees!  With a new season, comes a fresh, new look.

Not only does Mama Said Tees carry the most comfortable t-shirt on the market, but the messages (and the meaning behind them) leave a lasting impression.  If you are like me, the most common way to style a t-shirt is with your most comfortable, and maybe-not-always-clean, sweat pants. But that doesn’t always have to be the case!  I am here to shine a new light on how you can jazz up your tees.

If you pull one thing away from this post, it’s to have fun and take risks with your wardrobe!  Let it be an expression of your personality.  Everyone can create a unique spin on these styles, but here are a few that have worked for me.

“I don’t care, but really, I do care”


  • Distressed boyfriend style jeans…the “I don’t care part.”  Personally, I’m a big fan of boyfriend cut jeans, but any kind of distressed jeans will work great.
  • Leather sandals…try and leave your thong sandals for your weekend getaways to the beach and snag yourself a pair of sandals with straps.  Your foot coverings…aka shoes/boots/sandals, can really set the tone of your look, so invest in some sandals that can be dressed up for a night out, or a day shopping with girlfriends.
  • When we’re talking accessories, the BIGGER the better!  This is exactly why they get the label, “statement piece.”  Picking out a nice pop of color is always a great way to draw attention to your outfit, but remember it’s also a reflection of your personality.  Spring and/or summertime are the best times to play with this type of look, because bright, bold colors go great with the seasons.


T-Shirt // Boyfriend Jeans // Leather Sandals // Statement Necklace

Farmers Market or Bust


  • Cotton pencil skirts are SO comfortable and again, can be a piece you wear year-round.
  • PSA:  White tennis shoes are making a come back!  SO…dust off your old white Adidas shoes, or (here’s a free tip for you) pull out your old ones you thought were done, and use fingernail polish remover with a cotton ball to get them shining like new!
  • Make sure that you also have at least one denim jacket in your wardrobe.  Light denim is a great option for the warm seasons.
  • Tee is sized up and tied in a side knot.  This looks can also be dressed up by simply tucking the t-shirt in tight against your body.
  • Throw on some easy stackable bracelets, grab your cotton tote & you’re good to go!


T-Shirt // Cotton Skirt // Denim Jacket // Sneakers // Stacking Bracelets // It’s What’s Inside That Matters Tote 

Day Play


  • Very similar to the first look with distressed jeans/shorts and sandals.
  • MST is again, sized up and tied in a side knot.
  • Pair it with a light-weight kimono to add some color and some stacking necklaces/bracelets for a casual, but fun day look!


T-Shirt // Kimono // Jean Shorts // Stacking Necklaces // Leather Sandals // Stacking bracelets

Dressy…who knew?


  • Warmer weather calls for impromptu happy hours and dinners out.  Your tee can be the perfect addition to your dressy look.  Have fun with your skirt choice and tuck your t-shirt tightly into your skirt.
  • For a little extra “oomph”, add a pair of wedges and “show-stopping” earrings.
  • Throw on a coordinating watch & bangle and grab a simple clutch or purse.
  • Again, your denim jacket is a great option for a cool evening out.


T-Shirt // Statement Earrings // Dressy Skirt // Clutch // Wedges

These are just a couple looks to style your next Mama Said Tee. I’ve provided links with items or similar items to create your looks! Just have fun with it! As a mom of three, I never thought I would step back into an H&M or Forever 21 store, but I discovered that it is a great place to take a risk with some fun new wardrobe pieces without spending a ton of money.

Cheers to trying new things and being comfortable in your own skin!



Photo by Julie Collins Photography
Author of Schmitt Just Got Real: a raw lifestyle blog // Photo: Julie Collins Photography

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